Our firm represents individuals from around the world and companies in the following fields:

  •     Technology

  •     Startups

  •     Fashion Design

  •     Models

  •     Finance

  •     Hospitality and Restaurants

  •     Graphic Design

  •     Science and Medicine

  •     Education

  •     Publishing

  •     Sports and Athletics

  •     Arts and Entertainment

  •     Non-profits

  •     Real estate and investment

  •     and many more


​​1. Consultation - Contact our office to schedule a consultation​


2. Preparation - Prior to consultation, please prepare all relevant documents including: 


  • Submit new client intake form online;

  • ​Current resume and/or portfolio if applicable;

  • Copies of biographic page of current passport;​

  • Copy of recent  I-94 and visa stamps; ​

  • Copies of prior approval notices; and

  • Copies of prior petitions submitted. 


3. Assessment - During the consultation, we will review your situation, your documentation, and determine the best strategy for you, as well as the time and cost.


4. Retention - After you engage our firm to represent you by signing and returning our Service Agreement and paying the retainer fee, we initiate your client file and begin processing your case.


5. Communication - We communicate regularly with our clients to answer any questions you have throughout the process, as well as to update you on the status of your case.

Schwartz Ehrens Immigration Law
3 Columbus Circle, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10019
Tel:  (347) 961-8472
Fax:  (760) 280-9999
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