​The most common employment-based nonimmigrant visas are listed below:

  • H-1B: specialty occupations visas for skilled workers who hold a relevant four-year college degree, or equivalent experience (similar to H-1B1 for Singaporeans & Chileans​; and E-3 for Australians)


  • ​​E-1/E-2:  Trade/investor treaty visas allowing nationals of treaty countries to apply for visas based on qualifying trade or investment


  • ​​J-1: Exchange visitors (interns or trainees)


  • L-1: Intracompany transferees (Executive/Managerial or Specialized Knowledge)​ being transferred from an affiliated company abroad


  • O-1:  Extraordinary Ability in Science, Arts, business, education or athletics  Extraordinary Achievement in Motion Picture or Television Industry​


  • ​P-1:  internationally recognized team athletes, or members of an internationally recognized entertainment group (P-1B)​


  • ​P-2:  artists/entertainers who will perform under a reciprocal exchange program​


  • ​P-3:  Culturally unique artists or entertainers​


  • Q-1:  International Cultural Exchange Program​​


  • R-1: Religious workers​​​​


  • TN:  Trade NAFTA, for Canadians and Mexicans in a recognized profession ​​

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